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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Landscapes of Hanson Duvall Puthuff

Southern California Early American Impressionist painter Hanson Duvall Puthuff was born to Alonzo Augustus Duvall and his wife, Mary Anne Lee,  on August 21st, 1875 in Waverly, MissouriWhen he was two years old, his mother passed away, and Puthuff was raised by a close friend of his mother’s, Elizabeth Stadley Puthuff.  He eventually assumed her last name.

Photo Credit: “Plein Air Painters of  California – The Southland” by Ruth Westphal

After training at the University of Denver Art School he moved to Southern CaliforniaArriving in Los Angeles in 1903, Puthuff  sometimes worked as a billboard painter over the next several decades.  The billboards were often situated in remote areas, in locations with especially beautiful views.   After completing his work on the billboard, he would pull out his easel and begin to sketch and paint.

"Summer Evening" 24 x 30 AVAILABLE NOW

During this period, he also worked as a theater scene artist, sometimes painting the advertising curtains used in the theaters.  He painted backgrounds for the model train exhibits on display by the Santa Fe Railroad, and background scenery for the animal exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles.  One of his most notable accomplishments was the creation of a series of three panoramic dioramas for the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, commissioned by the American Museum of History in New York.

A family man, Puthuff enjoyed two strong and fulfilling marriages that lasted over thirty years each.  He was the father of five children, twins Lee and Duvall, and Robert, Paul and Matilda.

Around 1926, he began to concentrate full time on his easel paintings and the exhibition of his artworks at various venues.  One of the founders of the Laguna Beach Art Association, Hanson Puthuff is most often remembered for his majestic landscapes and quiet desert scenes. 

"Desert Landscape" SOLD

He enjoyed friendships with a number of well respected Southern California Impressionists, including fellow members of the California Art Club  Edgar Payne,  William Wendt, and Jack Wilkinson Smith.

"Beach Road"  12 X 16   AVAILABLE NOW

Puthuff’s paintings are noted for their strong compositions, beautiful impressionistic lighting and atmospheric effects, free brushstrokes, and warm, rich colors. 

"Langourous Summer"  SOLD

Many of his works were painted outdoors, en “plein air”, and display a feeling of spontaneity and vitality.

"Malibu"  SOLD

Hanson Puthuff died on May 12th, 1972 in Corona del Mar, California, after a long and successful career.    His paintings can be found in the collections of numerous prestigious institutions, including the Laguna Beach Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Pasadena Art Institute. 

For additional information about acquiring currently available paintings by this artist, please contact William A. Karges Fine Art in Beverly Hills at (800) 276-8551.


  1. I've always enjoyed Puthoff's work. Thanks for an interesting article!

  2. My father remembered Hanson Puthuff often taking painting trips to the desert with his uncle (the painter, Arthur J. Winkler) back in the 1920's...